CC No. 1 / Limited edition 12" Split Vinyl Featuring:
Alex Wolkowicz & Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe

A limited edition of 7 vinyl records containing collaborative sound works by Cave Collective artists, Alex Wolkowicz and Cat Lauigan.

"Desert Air Pt. II" - BODYWORKBODYWORK (Cat Lauigan & Matt Brownell)

Cat Lauigan produced the hour long soundscape 'Desert Air' as a commissioned sound piece for artist, Abigail Doan's exhibition "Tumbleweed Colony" at the Wythe Hotel. Her project, 'BODYWORKBODYWORK' (with Matt Brownell) remixed this piece to create 'Desert Air Pt. II". A 10 minute ambient sound piece that incorporates field recordings taken from Joshua Tree.

"I Could Tell You Anything" - Alex Wolkowicz & Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe

A voice speaking of loss and longing. At once intimate and evocative of a layered stream of consciousness, the listener becomes witness to the fragmented voices of an echoing mind; a reflection on emotional turmoil and the desire for transcendence. In this examination of an inner struggle with conflicting emotions Wolkowicz reaches deeply in search of answers and attempts to envisage new meaning. 'I could tell you anything' is her first spoken voice piece and marks the beginning of an ongoing collaboration with Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, an artist and composer that works in the realm of spontaneous music, creating
patch pieces with modular synthesizer and tonal vocal work often under the moniker of Lichens.