We will be launching our final collection together on June 6, 2016 through our website entitled "Portals". It celebrates our time together and honors our shared project, while we prepare to transition into our respective new chapters.

It has been a truly amazing six years for me and I want to thank every single one of you for your support during my time with Alex in CC. Whether it has been through some form of collaboration, a meeting of the minds or exchange of encouragement and admiration; it has left me with nothing but humble gratitude.

Alex will continue on with a new iteration of Cave Collective so please stay tuned to follow her new upcoming projects. All future inquiries with Alex will remain at or

For those that would like to remain in touch and follow my new work: |

Anyone interested in obtaining a piece from this period of Cave Collective, we will accept orders until June 1, 2016.

Stay tuned for other announcements and release of final collaborative projects through our instagram @cavecollective

Cat L.


We are excited to announce an upcoming group exhibition that we will be participating in curated by artist, Kimmy Corday, "BORDERLANDS" taking place in Los Angeles.


Get your tickets today for All Blues at Baryshnikov Arts Center! We are proud to be part of this amazing project...


CAVE COLLECTIVE has a studio visit from Sight Unseen! Thank you to Monica Khemsurov & Mike Vorassi!


A very exciting day for CAVE COLLECTIVE, with two pieces published in The WILD Magazine today!
Our WILD profile and a write-up about 'Weave Of Dawn'.....

click here to read...

click here to read...


Some impressions from our performance piece 'Weave Of Dawn' at Reservoir & Wood last Saturday in Beacon.....


Come see us in Beacon!


Good friend and multi-talented artist and designer, Adrienne Antonson of STATE asked us to collaborate in her Summer Secret Catalog where we were asked to design limited edition pieces and shoot a segment of her summer catalog. We created a large scale fiber piece installation as our backdrop and teamed up with a dear friend, Andrea Clinton who is a New York based painter and mime performer. Taking a more peformance art based approach in this photoshoot, we asked Andrea to perform a series of movements while styled in pieces that are only available in this catalog.

A short promo film directed by Tiffany Frances also premieres our shoot along with our soundscapes. You can view it here:

State "Secret Summer Catalog '13 - Chapter 1"
from STATE the label on Vimeo.

For more information and to order your copy here today, view this site:

Thank you to Adrienne Antonson, Andrea Clinton, Tiffany Frances, Marion Payen and Natalie Hotaling!


We are 'in vogue' in the West Australian!


Select discount pieces are the following:
CC symbol necklace
Infinity Knot necklace
cave crystal I ring

Promo codes are the following:


Our online shop is now up and running!


Study NY x Cat Lauigan of Cave Collective will be creating an interactive performance exhibiting their limited edition run of white garment and accessory sets specially produced for the sewing seeds fundraiser event at the Textile Arts Center. In keeping with the theme of natural dyes, the fiber necklaces will contain frozen natural dye-filled gems emulating beads or crystal pendants worn by selected participants. As a result, the frozen crystal pendants will melt and stain the garments and fiber necklaces creating patterns unique to the individual wearing the pieces. The sets will be beautifully transformed throughout the course of the evening creating one of a kind pieces that are not only fashionable but reflect the experience of this one time only performance. These limited edition sets will be available to purchase on the night of the event only and are on a first come first serve basis.

26 West 8th Street
New York, NY 10011
Friday, April 26, 2013 from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Entry tickets can be purchased here for $20: Buy tickets


Please join us tonight for the opening reception of SEVEN DREAMS…in a nightmare
Carlton Arms Hotel, 160 E 25th St
March 7th, 2013 6-9PM

Alex's room will be open for viewing, we hope to see you there xx


Cave Collective Catalogue 2013 now on view


We will be participating in this coming New York's Market Week along with several many wonderful New York designers. Come visit us as we will be premiering our new pieces and works. We will be serving beverages and refreshments. We hope to see you there. Thank you to Abigal Doan and REP showroom!


Come Join us this Friday at Present Company where we will have a sound art installation along with Giza and Di-n-nr.

8PM - 12:30 AM
29 Wythe Avenue and N. 13th Street
Brooklyn, NY

The Mirror of Us All is a night of sound and performance featuring Giza, Di-n-nr and CAVE COLLECTIVE. The parties involved will execute works with themes and realities which include self-awareness, self-transformation, self-objectivation, and metamorphosis.

Giza is not a band, it is a vibration and the vessel for a diverse group of artists and musicians as players. Conceived of by Jasmine Pasquill at the end of 2012, its current members include Stephen Griesgraber, David First, Joanne Hsieh, Sarah Frances Kuhn and Jasmine Pasquill. The main impetus is to produce overt sensual experiences driven by the artists’ vulnerability as they create improvisational soundscapes in lieu of overly rehearsed and groomed works.

This version of Giza's sets will be punctuated by two multi-disciplinary artists. Betsy Davis' LED light-based movement work dissociates the perception of the human body’s form and simplifies it into moving points of light in space. With this simplification of movement, the viewer is shown a different, even robotic view, of human movement and action. Perhaps the movements are more pure—perhaps they can show more while doing less. Coco Dolle's character, powdered and adorned in all white, inspired by Picasso’s famous 1907 painting Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, will weave in and out of the audience as she feels motivated by sound, possibly gently proselytizing them with gestures, questions and warmth, tinkering with their comfortability in space.

Di-n-nr is the moniker for Lichtensteinian producer and singer Hugo Hasler. Icy traces of Joy Division and echoes of Nico-ish phrasing come together with warm Eno-esque melody-lines and occasional kraut-like motifs, and together form a framework within which Hasler’s chanting voice, minimalistic pop-melodies and somewhat wobbly productions can coexist. Di-n-nr is a pop-ritual. Live, Hasler performs alone, wearing a dark hood– doing ritualistic (and somewhat awkward) dance moves to accompany his songs. Di-n-nr's songs are about girls, destruction and sometimes the divine feminine. An unnamed Di-n-nr EP is in the works.

Cave Collective insert an installation work, No Light Without Darkness, it is small a sculptural space, meant to be entered physically-- the work suspended from the ceiling, invites the participant to contemplate, as the accompanying sound piece and light become a joint soothsayer.


David First-
Recent Project:

Sarah Frances Kuhn - Sarah Frances Kuhn writes, sings and plays guitar in P S A L M S, with Leah Bloody Powers McManigle(drums/farfisa) Lizzie Fritts(violin/vox) Billie Logan(viola/vox) & Jason Boggs(bass).
SFK also plays guitar and sings in Poison Dartz with Ayshe(vox/wurlizter/guitar), David Skull (vox/drums)& Nicole Moondog Sistrunk(bass/vox).

Joanne Hsieh - Joanne is a visual artist, poet, gardener, and a classically trained pianist, who occasionally plays keys with New York-based avant-jazz player Daniel Carter and Brooklyn-based songwriter/guitarist Mike Wexler.

Stephen Griesgraber - Stephen is a classically trained guitarist, and a graduate from the Manhattan School of Music. Outside of playing in traditional rock bands—with a notable collaboration with Antony of Antony and The Johnson's—Griesgraber can be found live scoring for films.

Jasmine Pasquill - Jasmine is an independent curator and general outlier in the arts, known in her tight-knit community as hostess and procurer of apartment-based performances. She has also curated a handful of New York sound and video shows in Portland, OR; Maui, HI; and The Last Weekend, an upstate New York experience where established artists, writers, photographers, sound artists and designers temporarily relocated to the woods for a weekend. Aside from her curatorial efforts, Jasmine is also a multi-disciplinary dabbler in home recordings, drawings, performance and installations with a penchant for esoteric themes and rituals, her works have made their way into galleries such as Kantor-Feuer and 31 Grand but have also found more aptly fit settings such as The Convent of St. Ceclia in Brooklyn, NY.

Betsy Davis - Betsy works in a variety of media to evoke emotional and transcendent responses that bring into question our perception of space, time, value, and consciousness. She has shown work in the US, UK and Japan, with grants from the Getty Center for the Arts, LMCC, The Scottish National Museum, and a fellowship from the University of Edinburgh's Art, Space + Nature program.

Coco Dolle - Is a multi-disciplinary artist whose non-linear approach is concerned with exposing the viewer to a cross-cultural aesthetic. Dolle frequents performance, photography, drawing/painting, video and audio to explore themes and interpretations of utopian ideals and iconic fantasies. She was a prominent figure behind Deitch Projects Art Parade, founded in 2005 and her movement based work,Legacy Fatale, has traveled to Miami Basel at Fountain art fair in 2008.

Cave Collective - formed during an artist residency in California after two women Cat Lauigan and Alex Wolkowicz discovered shared themes in their work. Motivated by rituals and ancient mysticism, they draw inspiration from—and utilize—natural elements, found objects, and light to create one-of-a-kind art objects and site specific installations, always crafted with great care and meticulous attention to detail. They have collaborated with sound artists, created sound based works and have a consumer based line of wearable art/accessories. Their physical and often site-specific installations have occupied spaces such as upscale hotels and galleries.

Matthew Caron is a projection artist.
image credit: Jasmine Pasquill

Thank you to Jasmine Pasquill and Jeanine Han

Thank you to Chantal, Claudia and Lara as well as Celia Shatzman for this write up in Elle

Read the rest of the article here


Initation // There is no light without darkness

opening night at 'End of Century'


Initation // There is no light without darkness

An exhibition by Cat Lauigan and Alex Wolkowicz of Cave Collective.

Installations, artwork and soundscapes

Cave Collective's inaugural show at End of Century draws inspiration from ritualistic practices, the artists explore inner darkness and it's potential transformation into light. This exhibition looks at nature's way of transmuting and re-appropriating all things as an oracle for the interpretation of inner reality. Cave Collective works with drawing, photography, sculpture, lighting and sound to create sensory, enigmatic environments. They draw inspiration from the elements, natural forms, found objects, raw materials, light and color.

The opening night of Initiation will feature the launch of their zine and preview of their collaborative film project 'Sun Ceremony.'

Sound artists Maria Chavez, Goitia Deitz, Aquarium Life, Some Ember, Dolera Yoro, ROBERTS, La Jeune Fille Ancienne, Jon Barraclough, Marcia Bassett, Camille Ha & Thermos Unigarde, Nathan Thompson and Nicholas Nauman, contributed sound pieces or the exhibition, which will be played opening night.