The Mirror of Us All is a night of sound and performance featuring Giza, Di-n-nr and CAVE COLLECTIVE. The parties involved will execute works with themes and realities which include self-awareness, self-transformation, self-objectivation, and metamorphosis.

Giza is not a band, it is a vibration and the vessel for a diverse group of artists and musicians as players. Conceived of by Jasmine Pasquill at the end of 2012, its current members include Stephen Griesgraber, David First, Joanne Hsieh, Sarah Frances Kuhn and Jasmine Pasquill. The main impetus is to produce overt sensual experiences driven by the artists’ vulnerability as they create improvisational soundscapes in lieu of overly rehearsed and groomed works.

This version of Giza's sets will be punctuated by two multi-disciplinary artists. Betsy Davis' LED light-based movement work dissociates the perception of the human body’s form and simplifies it into moving points of light in space. With this simplification of movement, the viewer is shown a different, even robotic view, of human movement and action. Perhaps the movements are more pure—perhaps they can show more while doing less. Coco Dolle's character, powdered and adorned in all white, inspired by Canova's sculpture of Mary Madgalene, will weave in and out of the audience as she feels motivated by sound, possibly gently proselytizing them with gestures, questions and warmth, tinkering with their comfortability in space.

Di-n-nr is the moniker for Lichtensteinian producer and singer Hugo Hasler. Icy traces of Joy Division and echoes of Nico-ish phrasing come together with warm Eno-esque melody-lines and occasional kraut-like motifs, and together form a framework within which Hasler’s chanting voice, minimalistic pop-melodies and somewhat wobbly productions can coexist. Di-n-nr is a pop-ritual. Live, Hasler performs alone, wearing a dark hood– doing ritualistic (and somewhat awkward) dance moves to accompany his songs. Di-n-nr's songs are about girls, destruction and sometimes the divine feminine. An unnamed Di-n-nr EP is in the works.

CAVE COLLECTIVE creates an evening of synaesthesia with an installation work entitled, 'There Is No Light Without Darkness', it is a sculptural space, meant to be entered physically-- the work suspended from the ceiling, invites the participant to contemplate. Accompanying this piece are two soundscapes composed by Cat Lauigan, filling the room with textural air and adding a multi-sensory experience for those that enter the space.