Initation // There is no light without darkness

Installations, artwork and soundscapes

Our forthcoming exhibition at End of Century, NYC.

Opening September 7th, 2012.

Cave collective's inaugural show looks at nature's way of transmuting and re-appropriating all things as an oracle for the interpretation of inner reality.
Drawing inspiration from ritualistic practices, the artists explore inner darkness and it's potential transformation into light.

Initiation combines drawing, photography, sculpture, lighting and sound art in an enigmatic sensory environment.

The show will formally introduce cave collective's line of one of a kind and limited edition art jewellery. They use hand dyed textiles, metals and crystals for their bespoke, handmade pieces.

In their sculptural works, Lauigan and Wolkowicz experiment with materials, often combining the natural and the man-made to produce works that feel organic yet distinct and considered in their aesthetics.

The opening night of Initiation will also feature the launch of their first zine and a preview of their collaborative film project 'sun ceremony', shot earlier this year in California.