ALL BLUES : A colorist performance with original sets & costumes

All Blues is an evening-length colorist performance created by Beau Rhee. The piece expresses the broad complexities of the color blue through movement, music, set and costumes, and olfactive elements.

All Blues is a living kinesthetic collage, a total sensory environment, comprised of all of these blues. In rehearsals, movement was the primary language to drive expression. The choreography stems from vernacular gestures that link back to the color: a blues guitarists’ moans, a workers repetitive motions, geometries on celestial maps. Arms create geometric motifs that repeat and reinvent themselves. Each performer brings their own universe of movement and sound, creating a jazz-like troupe, where individual voices exchange in the score and through improvisation. The costumes & sets, as well as the olfactive elements, are designed to further express the artistic themes in visual and sensory media.

Excerpt from the programme:

Alex Wolkowicz’ net is hand woven, and dyed in indigo. She states “Blue can be associated
with water, depth, emotions, femininity, the moon, the unknown… Whilst weaving the net for All Blues, I thought about the lines I see at the edge of the water as the ocean moves in and recedes along the shore…lines drawn and erased in a constant motion. I feel the ritualistic process of weaving is intrinsically feminine and mythical, summoning ideas of sea goddesses, mermaids and sirens. I wove this web, designed to adorn, mesmerise, capture, entangle, provide nourishment and protection; it embodies seduction and connection. We cast the net and wait…

Choreography/Art Direction: Beau Rhee
Dancers: Ella Misko, Kay Ottinger, Chantal Chadwick
Musicians: Mara Mayer, Lathan Hardy, Jason Anastanoff
Visual artists: Alexandra Wolkowicz (Cave Collective), Emilie Lundstroem
Curator: Katherine Chan, director at Miguel Abreu Gallery

Baryshnikov Arts Center
450 West 37th Street
NY NY 10018